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1, What is love? The cat fell in love with the fish, reluctant to eat; The Wolf fell in love with the sheep, reluctant to swallow; Clouds fell in love with the sky, reluctant to part; I fell in love with you, decided to rely on forever!


2, some truth, time can not cover; Some memories, the years can not pass; Time is stirring up the wings of love, with your breath into my heart, love you, is the greatest hope of my life!


3, like you and I together shopping, chat with me, eat together, like you in my side of the feeling, do not know god how to arrange us, I hope we can be together in the day, you and I are as happy!


4, the wind, natural cool; Leaves make flowers sweet; The sea, heaven and earth is broad; With you, life is full of sunshine. Baby, you are the sun in my heart!


5, and you meet head, two yue kindred spirits; Kiss your lips, tender and drunk; And you hug, happiness I want; And you hook hook hand, the edge of the xiangsi shou!


6, Gentle heart is for happy people! Romantic heart! Is to love the eternal heart, is to wait for the people, would like to give a blessed heart, to my dearest people!


7, I love you, you for me, is the morning bread, evening banana, shandong people’s garlic, sichuan people’s pepper.


8, my eyes affectionately looking at your eyes, like the blue sea, pure, kneading into a small sand.


9, when I wipe the magic lamp after three, the lamp god asked me: want to make what wish? I said: I want to use my life to take care of a person is reading text messages, may she always be happy, and when she is not happy bless her!


10, When I met you, is the beginning of our story. For the first time to write a love letter to a rabbit, tension is inevitable, I do not know what is like, also do not know how to like a person is feeling, only know at this time typing the palm has been penetrated by sweat, this also more determined my decision.


11, Very want to erase you from my memory, but always involuntarily think of you: in the dream of every moment, in the wake of the minute Seconds.


12, The greatest fortune in my life is to know you, but the greatest misfortune is not to have you. Maybe you will meet the person you love, but you will never meet the person who loves you as much as I do.


13, I can meet a person in a minute, like a person in an hour and love a person in a day, but it will take me a whole life to forget you.


14, If the guilt of my heart really say out, afraid you think I have no promise, but don’t say it, I think I have no promise.


15, I love you very much! Although you can not realize my true, but in my heart, you are the only lover forever! I have learned to forget yourself, but can not forget you.


16, in the world of love, I have nothing, also know nothing, in the emotional station, I would like you to be the first visitor, is also the master forever, with me spoil me; A lifetime!


17, love let us meet, love let us fall in love, love let us love each other, love let us care, let me give you all my love in my lifetime!


18, Singing a sad song, looking at the beloved girl. Heart is for you hurt, song is for you sing, I just want you happy, sorry!


19, you and I meet is a fate, we cherish the hard-won feelings. I hope I can accompany you all my life in the future.


20, If you can stay in my sight for a lifetime, I will not keep.


21, oh! Honey, let me tell you, a thousand years ago on valentine’s day, I didn’t come home. You thought I was fooling around. So I have to tell you in a thousand years, I went to buy flowers.


22, You said to love me forever, I am on the platform you said, waiting for you for many years; But you get a ride in someone else’s sports car and change your route. The neon on the street blinks the ghost eye, says “forever” already sold to the money!


23, Last night I sent a mosquito to find you, let it tell you I want you, and ask it to kiss you for me, because now I can’t get close to you! It will tell you how much I miss you! How deep is I love you? The big bag represents my heart!


24, Every message to you, is rooted in my heart; Every blessing to you, are my efforts to condense; Think of you with every breath; Love you with all my life!


25, In my heart you are a cup of water, simple, pure and there is no lack of nutritional connotation, not willing to drink you, would rather put the heart in the water cup, I know you will keep my heart exquisite, 100 poison does not invade.


26, Her person, her life soul, her hair is mine, I asked you to give her back to me!


27, Love leisurely, heart leisurely, love to the depths of when Hugh? When to rest, when to rest, head broken and bleeding do not let go; Heart, love in the mouth, silent heart; This life is only for you.



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